Knife Roller (Cutter) "Thunder" Heavy series

Knife Roller (Cutter) "Thunder" Heavy series

Series RHD


Cut, crushed and left on the surface residual plants. Best for sunflower and rape.

To cope with the residual plants on the surface of the ground without destroyingthe roots.

The root of the stubble is kept in the soil which minimizingthe leakage of nitrogen.


- cutter bars, 95 x 7mm (knifes);

- possibility for getting heavier by filling water in cutting apparatus tubes.

Securing: Specially hardened cutters. Cutters strong fixing on the cutting apparatus. Ridged frame.

Knife Roller (Cutter) "Thunder" Heavy series, RHD

Technical data

Power requirement RHD 6
Power requirement HP 150
Working width m 5,8
Transport width m 3,0
Transport height m 3,40
Transport length m 5
Work bodies - Number of cutting apparatus бр. 3
Work bodies - Number of knivesCutter” бр. 90
Operational speed km/h 15 - 20
Tire size of the carrier   400 / 60 - 15,5" 14А8
Tractor linkage   Lower link arms Cat. III
Machine weight * t 5,1

* weight is without water in cutting apparatus

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