Hopper grain distributor for seed drills "Trakia"

Hopper grain distributor for seed drills "Trakia"

Series TR


Trailer for grain collecting and distribution.

Collecting and distributing grain during harvesting and sewing, reloading it from combines to transport vehicles and seeders.


- built- in spiral conveyerconsisted of  2 parts with turning rate 540 rpm;

- 2 axles with pneumatic brake system;

- 360 degree rotating auger around vertical axis.


Securing: Drive shaft protective clutch. Brake system actuates automatically, in case of trailer emergency disconnect from the tractor.

Hopper grain distributor for seed drills "Trakia", TR

Technical data

Technical Characteristic TR 20
Power requirement HP 120
Volume of the bunker m3 20,5
Transshipment output 


Bunker dimensions - Length mm 5 000
Bunker dimensions - Width mm 2 600
Height to the bunker board mm 3 342
Unloading height mm 6 500
Suspension, axles number pcs. 2
Turning auger speed, rpm rpm 540
Diameter of the auger mm 273
Pneumatic brake system   yes
Tire size   500/60-22,5''
Machine own mass kg 4 500
Macihne total weight kg 22 500

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