Header carrier "Carrier"

Header carrier "Carrier"

Series KH


Towing harvester headers in standard roads, without additional security measures for the transportation of oversized cargo.


Operating components:

  • brackets for header attaching and fastening;
  • security framework and lights;
  • linkage that locks header.

Securing: main beam with dimensions 200 x 150 mm made ​​of high quality steal profile.

Header carrier "Carrier", KH

Technical data

Technical characteristic KH 073KH 090KH 120
Working grip of header m 7,50 9,00 12,00
Working width m 2,52 2,52 2,52
Working height m 1,20 1,20 1,20
Tranpsort locking   mechanically mechanically mechanically
Number of supports pcs 2 3 4
Front carrier support   no yes yes
Electrical road signalization system   present present present
Diameter of the drawing eye mm 40 40 40
Weight t 0,869 1,198 1,334

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