Hydraulic platform "Prista"

Series PX


For pruning fruit trees in orchards and harvesting fruits in it. Various activities, requesting work to be done at a spacified height.


- hydraulic system for platform lifting and lowering;

- pneumatic compressor system;

- 6 pcs pneumatic shears for pruning fruit trees.

Securing:Protecting railing on all sides of the operational platform.

Hydraulic platform "Prista", PX

Technical data

Technical characteristic PX 01
Power requirement HP 30
Pay load kg 900
Own weight kg 1850
Total weight kg 2750
Overall dimensions - length m 5,124
Overall dimensions - width m 1,660
Overall dimensions - Height without railing m 1,150
Work plaform dimensions - length m 5,124
Work plaform dimensions - width m 2,850
Work plaform dimensions - Height without railing m 2,390
Operational height with protecting railing m 3,190
Protecting railing height  m 0,8
Work systems - hidraulic   For lifting and lowering of the work plarform
Work systems - pneumatic   To drive 6 pcs pneumatic shears for pruning fruit trees
Suspensions, number of axles pcs. 1
Tire size   10,0 / 75 - 15,3" - 14PR
Rim size   9,0 х 15,3"
Maximal transportation speed km/h 40
Draw bar internal diameter mm Ø 40

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